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B E L I E V I N G & D O U B T I N G a game, of sorts The purpose of this activity is to give the writer more ideas and more material to strengthen the content and argument of an idea-based paper. The basic notion is this: respond to a…
Yet now as I write this essay, “methodological” seems central. In what follows, I give a short definition of the believing game; then a tiny history of believing and doubting; and finally three arguments for the believing game. Definitions. I can define the believing game most easily and clearly by contrasting it with the doubting.
In his book Writing Without Teachers, Peter Elbow introduces the concept of the "believing" and "doubting" games--complementary methods of approaching texts which he claims are both vital to the "intellectual enterprise" (145). Elbow says that most academics or intellectuals are obsessed with one method of approaching
Believing & Doubting Worksheet. Read the paper once without worrying about these ... Believing: Accept the writer's point of view and try to extend the paper's argument--provide additional examples, suggest ... seems to get off track? This is also a chance to suggest revision tactics, remark on the essay's style, proportions, etc.
When the class read a group of three related essays (Richard Rodriguez's. “Aria,” Victor Villanueva's “Whose Voice Is It Anyway?”, and bell hooks' “Keep- ing Close to Home”), their journal entries again asked them to play, in succes- sion, the believing, doubting, and deciding games: Reading Journal #5: What does each
Although philosophy rarely alters its direction and mood with sudden swings, there are times when its new concerns and emphases clearly separate it from its immediate past. Such was the case with seventeenth-century Continental rationalism, whose founder was Rene Descartes and whose new program initiated what is
The doubting game could be called the self-extrication game, the logic game, or the dialectic of propositions. The believing game could be called the involve- ment or self-insertion game, the metaphor game, or the dialec- tic of experience. The Monopoly of the Doubting Game. In a sense this essay is an extended attack on
This chart is based upon Peter Elbow's concept of the believing and doubting games, which he explains in the appendix essay in Writing Without Teachers. Some items are extracted directly from his text; others are extrapolations created in the spirit of his idea. As you might suspect–and as Elbow would predict–students (as
In this essay, I will move inward to the mysterious dimension of thinking and feeling. ... For more on this, see my longer essays on the believing game.) ..... “Appendix Essay. The Doubting Game and the Believing. Game: An Analysis of the Intellectual Process.” In Writing Without. Teachers. Oxford University Press, 1973.
Believing & Doubting Worksheet. by playing the "doubting game," you can come to realize.[10] elbow feels doubting and believing are two methods needed in order to examine and accept an idea as true. he would eventually make his dissertation book-length and publish it in 1975 under the title oppositions in chaucer. in

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